Corneal Infiltrates

Sorry for the technical title, but, during Natasha’s vet visit on Friday, we identified that she has Bi-Lateral (i.e., both eyes) Corneal Infiltrates (essentially the build up of fatty material in the cornea).  This is somewhat common in Siberian Huskies, but usually something detected when they are younger, not 5 1/2 years old like Natasha.

When my vet detected it, she was able to show it to me very quickly in both eyes.  You can literally see it by shining a penlight across her eye and can see a cloudiness to the cornea.  Always makes me wonder why I can’t spot those things in advance.

Natasha has always been my most visual of dogs (loves looking out the front window of the car (from her seat belt in the back), looking out the windows of the house, etc.).  She certainly uses her nose like other dogs, but has always appeared to have very sharp vision.  So, hopefully, this is not a sign of longer term eye problems.

For now, we will not be doing anything different.  I have not noticed any signs of vision problems and no other problems have been detected.  We will monitor for other issues (high cholesterol, thyroid issues, etc.), but no medicines and no real changes.

In fact, right now, we are going out to play in the fresh blanket of snow we got last night.  Just an inch or so of new snow, but the dogs act like its a foot.

8 thoughts on “Corneal Infiltrates”

  1. Wonderful that you have snow! Play in it for me too! So sorry about the eye problems. I hope it doesn’t get any worse.

    Mya Boo Boo

  2. Abby has something similar. She has a cloudy film over the top of her eyes, that cause the black pupil to look almost grey, or smokey. She is almost 14 and has had it for about 8-9 years. She see’s perfectly fine. I sure hope Natasha continues to see well, and it doesn’t progress!

    I sure wish I could have some snow! I can’t wait to see Khady play in it the first time!

  3. WOO WOO

    Snow!!! We Love Snow! We hope that Natasha’s eye problems don’t get any worse! Our Mom hasn’t heard of that disease at all! It shows up in PUPPIES? We hope it just stays as it as and doesn’t cause any vision problems!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Thor and Marco Polo

  4. Sending lots of well wishes and Sibe Vibes down from up north. Here’s hoping that Natasha is free to gaze longingly upon the “big dogs” for years and years to come!

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