Walking is not Always Easy

Earlier this week, I posted a video showing The Herd walking down an abandoned road. Many of the comments and emails I received commented on how well behaved they were and how well they walked. The Herd was insulted. Behaved? Pleeeeeease! So, by popular request, some outtakes from walks:

First up, Natasha would like to demonstrate the swerving technique with her brother Qannik. Notice how she starts the zig zag, gets Qannik to start swerving with her, and then ends with a nice right hook across the trail and lays her head on Kiska while trying to spot prey in the brush. My answer, as always, is to just keep moving though I had to stop filiming:

And then we have the class clown, Rusty, who prides himself on being a little different about downright everything. He doesn’t like to be cold, but loves snow. Doesn’t like to get his feet wet, but loves playing in the rain. And, when he gets bored on his walks, does this to management:

And when management gets tired of Rusty the Rooster’s games, he will even do it to Big Brother Kodiak.

Mr. Mild Mannered Kodiak will not turn around and nip his nose. Rusty has decided long ago that doing the same thing to Natasha is not worth it.

8 thoughts on “Walking is not Always Easy”

  1. Ha-roooooo!

    I love Rusty’s walking style!!

    PeeEssWoo: We know they aren’t ALWAYS walkin’ angels – after all, they are SIBERIANS! Our mission statement inkhludes keeping ‘management’ guessing and goosing!

  2. Woof Herd

    Behaved? What an insult. Everyone knows that a mis-behaving dog is a happy dog.
    Where do humans come up with the idea that dogs want to behave anyway. Weird.
    We’ve nominated you for an award so come on over and check it out.

    Desert Pups

  3. My psychotic mother seems to think that it would be better if I walked behind her like Rusty does than pulling her arm practically out of socket. She’s ridiculous.

    I like the weaving. You all are very in sync!


  4. Behaved is such a strong word! I strive to avoid it whenever possible. I pride myself in always doing things differently and if it annoys anyone in the process – yay for me! Woo! Just for the record, I really love Rusty’s style. He’s got spunk!

  5. Wow, you have a big family! We came to visit through Holly’s page. She recommends the best folks and furry friends. 🙂

    I like to walk zig zaggity. When my human picks up my cousin- Kana, we love to spin my human around in circles. It is great fun.

  6. It’s been said that as a rule, Siberians are not an “up your butt” breed of dog. But I guess Rusty is the exception that proves the rule -lol.

  7. WOO WOO

    Mom has been so impressed with your team walking. She says two is more than enough for her because we do the switch-a-roo back and forth and she tries to keep the two flexis in a straight line! She is laughing saying, No way would I tie you guys to my waist – you would drag me into the woods and that would be the end of me. Of course, she says she is an old lady that needs to protect her body!!!

    Thor and Marco Polo


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