360 View from Craggy Pinnacle

Today, we wanted to share why we like Craggy Pinnacle so much. We are all standing on the top of the Pinnacle at 5892 feet (1796 meters) above sea level looking out toward Craggy Dome (the nearest peak you see) and then panning to the west past Mount Mitchell (the highest peak in the Eastern U.S. at 6684 feet (2037 meters) above sea level) and then continuing to circle counter clockwise and capturing the entire view until returning to Craggy Dome.

Please ignore two things. First, it was a little windy and we are sorry for all of the noise. Forgot to muffle the mike before getting started.

Secondly, the Herd contributed to this video by getting under the photographer’s feet about 20 seconds into the video, so ignore the shaking camera at that point. We were hoping for (1) a video of a falling person captured by the attack of licking dogs or (2) capturing some choice language or (3) – both.

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