Feeding the Queen

When feeding, each dog must sit before I put their bowl down. Then they must wait until I release them to eat.  Simple rule used every time and for my sanity in feeding the Herd.

Queen Natasha the Evil is usually offered her food first, but she often wants to prove that she does not actually have to sit.  This morning was one of those times.  I offered her food, she stood, not sat, and watched me.  This has happened before and she never gets fed, but her choice.

After a few seconds, I shrug, turn to Rusty and offer his food.  His butt is on the ground instantly.  He gets fed.  I turn to Natasha who is doing her snorting, huffing and puffing – indignant that I would feed the Rooster before I would feed her.  Sit I say.  Sit she ignores and continues to stand and look at me.  Very rare that she will not sit at this moment, but it has happened.

I shrug and go inside (Rusty and Natasha are fed in the dog room, Kodiak, Kiska and Qannik in the den and Cheoah in her crate).  Each dog sits, each dog gets fed.  I go back out to the dog room and Natasha is really snorting, huffing and puffing.  Sit I say.  Sit she ignores, standing there confidently.  I go back inside the den with her bowl full of food.

By this point, I figure she really does not want breakfast.  Sibes are known for regulating their intake and some of them skip a meal every now and then.  Nothing to worry about.  Everyone is finishing and I am gathering bowls.  Gathering does not require separation so everyone is milling about the den.  With the bowls all gathered, I turn to shoo dogs out.  Dogs go out except for Natasha, who is sitting in the middle of the den.  Butt firmly planted on the ground.

On her own time and at her own pace, but she finally complied.  And finally ate.


  1. Oorvi on August 29, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Hah…Queen Natasha:) I like it! We dogs need to assert ourselves…(sometimes…just to make sure that we aren’t taken for granted.)


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