Introducing Cheoah

Blog.  To record your daily events.  Hmmmm.  Wonder if that means you are supposed to mention something sooner than 5 weeks after it happens?  Told you I was new to this blogging concept.

We decided that things had gotten too quiet at Chez Herd.  The Herd was being almost as well behaved as Hubley’s Hooligans.  So we decided we needed a challenge.  That, and we got the most pathetic phone call.  A lady had called the local rescue who suggested she contact us.  She had a friend (?) who abandoned a Siberian Husky tied up behind a foreclosed house.  She contacted the former owners who provided the AKC papers and said they could not afford the dog.  I will breathe deeply and make no editorial comments.

So we met the little girl, all 38 pounds of her, and she was the sweetest little girl.  Who wouldn’t love this face?


Of course, we tested her with the Herd for a day and she performed well.  Only right after we agreed to take her did her true nature came out (of course).  She clearly has not been dog socialized.  Figured that out when she tried to stare down Natasha and Kiska.  Not a wise move.  She is not 2 1/2 years old like we were told.  Our best guess with our vet is that she is more like 10 months old (a puppy – what was I thinking?).  And, of course, medical issues like those good old worms of various types.

Oh, yeah.  And she screams.  I have heard about the Siberian Death Scream, but have never actually experienced it.  Until now.  Who knew lungs in a 38 pound dog could hold so much air?

But she may have met her match.  First of all, I’ve been through this a lot.  She knows her crate, is getting very good walking on a leash (daily and long practice), and is playing better everyday with the rest of the Herd under close supervision.  Not ready for prime time yet, but we see development everyday.  And she has learned both sit (which I think the little rascal really knew anyway) and wait – especially wait after the dinner bowl is down and before eating.  A very key Herd learning, but very hard for a puppy to learn.

And, most importantly, I don’t have neighbors close enough to worry about the Siberian Death Scream.  So, much to her horror, I just ignore the scream.  That does not make her happy at all.

Despite all of the challenges, the little girl is working her way well into the Herd.  She is really sweet when she wants to be, loves to cuddle, and is as cute as can be.

To see more of her, please see Cheoah’s page.


  1. Holly on July 2, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Woooohooooo!!! What a beautiful new girl!!! She will find her place in the pack. It always takes some time for the newbies to figure out the order of things! But, I think she will fit in very nicely with the herd!!!

    Welcome Cheoah!!!!


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