Jan 312013
Typhoon and his stick

Walk softly and carry a big stick.

As we have mentioned before, Typhoon has a particular habit that is quite amusing. When Cheesewhiz and Frankie need a break from his constant desire to wrestle or play tag, Typhoon keeps himself amused by gathering sticks in the yard and bringing them to the deck.

Another stick

Nothing like a little strutting when you find a particularly good stick.

Once on the deck, the branches are carefully disassembled into piles of twigs. Satisfied with his mulching capabilities, Typhoon then goes and find another twig.


Most importantly, approach every job with the greatest enthusiasm.

Sure, that means that the deck has to be swept off every night, but that is a small price to be paid for a little yard work.

Eyes closed

I can carry this stick with my eyes closed.

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  13 Responses to “Carry a Big Stick”

  1. Ayla sez: “My hu-Mom says my Auntie Kiah used to be the same way. She was a stick gatherer, too. She used to break them off bushes and carry them around, or even pull the whole bush out by the roots, if she could”.

  2. Our first Mallie, Buck, once picked up the end of a log fence post and dragged it around the yard. As you might imagine, he was QUITE proud of himself. Later in the year, for fun, he would wrap a paw around either side of one picket of a stockade fence, and then yank the point off with his mouth. Such a character…we suspect he was just re-decorating. :0)

  3. At least he’s found a job to keep him busy! lol

  4. At least he’s found a job to keep him busy! lol

  5. My Ajax does the same thing every walk he picks up a stick and brings home but the big ones I make him leave outside!

  6. My Bruce loves to chew up sticks too, but sadly for him we had to stop letting him do that. He got a stick stuck in his mouth and it was at the back of his mouth by his throat. We still let him have a small log though. We figure he should be safe with that. He mostly carries it around and throws it to play with it. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  7. I suspect that my husky boy Loki is part wood chipper.

  8. He says “The other’s don’t seem to have sticks or can’t find them, I fix……I bring them presents!”

  9. A great dog to take camping. :) Neat, thanks.

  10. He is stealing my heart! What a little character! :)

  11. Ty is so cute and shows his little personalities through these photos. It’s good that he’s doing all the gnawing outside with sticks rather than inside the house.

  12. Well, huskies are supposed to be a working breed. I guess his job is gathering firewood!

    Krystal the Schneagle and I think he’s deliberately posing in that second picture!

  13. It’s important to have a job in the house. Mine is to shed floof everywhere.

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