Jan 302013
Typhoon walking

Typhoon seems to be walking with a different crew.

Normally, Typhoon walks with his pals Cheesewhiz and Frankie. For some reason, though, they sometimes tire of his walking style.

What is wrong with his style? He has this habit of having to nibble on his neighbor’s ear every few steps. Apparently, that gets old.

So on one of our recent walks, we rotated Typhoon over to the other team for some walking time. How exactly is he faring?

Kiska explains

Don’t even think about biting my ear, kid.


Can I go back to my regular crew now? Please?

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  14 Responses to “Walking with a Typhoon”

  1. Ayla sez, “Well, remembering Rusty’s little quirk about getting behind his companions, getting between their back legs and lifting them up with his head, I’m not sure which would be the most unnerving or annoying. Given a choice, I think I’d prefer the ear biting. Guess we all gotta be known for SOMETHING unique, eh Ty? “

  2. I think he is just trying to tell everybody he loves them. You know, little love bites lmao. Good luck buddy with fitting in with your new brothers and sisters. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  3. Ha ha ha! Oh, Typhoon, I’m glad somebody still keeps walks interesting!

  4. Maybe Tye wants to stop & have a wrestling match! Don’t think he’ll do much rough & tumble stuff with The Queen, though. Sigh, It’s rough being the baby of the family.

  5. Poor Ty, but Kiska is just trying to stop your nibbling and to save you from QNTE just in case one day you couldn’t resist and perform the nibble on the Queen….Ahh, I’m afraid to think what would happen to you afterwards, Ty.

  6. Keep the new kid in line, Kiska!

  7. Just for the record, is Ty still teething?

  8. Aww, Typhoon, hu-dad picked a perfect name for you. It’s so fun watching you assimilate into the Herd!

  9. Umm…I love biting ears when I walk. Is that not normal?


  10. OM Goodness that Ty is just the cutest little guy!!! He looks so small next to his older siblings!!!
    I just love your captions, Hudad!!!

  11. The Herd always seems to have one member who has a LITTLE different vision of what walking with the Pack is all about. Viva la difference!

  12. Yes, I am thinking that Typhoon may be your new herd clown. Making me smile!

  13. Poor guy – just trying to make friends!


  14. What a silly guy!

    Stop on by for a visit

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