This picture is harder to get than you think.  At least one member of The Herd is always sniffing something, peeing, or otherwise outside of the picture.  But, in a rare moment, we actually have all six together in a shot.  Left to right – Rusty, Kodiak, Cheoah, Natasha, Qannik and Kiska. Not that we

If you have never visited the wonderful Life with Dogs Blog, now you have your perfect excuse!  They are wacky, zany and drop dead hilarious.  We never know what crazy thing they are going to do next.  And now we know they have no limits to their insanity.  We know that because they have listed

Rusty, despite his reputation as the class clown, wants to show that he has a serious side as well.

Bad humans.  Bad humans.  Train and train the humans and yet they continue to misbehave.  What did they do this time? We would like to wish Qannik and Happy Gotcha Day – July 14.  Oops. Yep, two years – and six days – ago, we received a call from Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, the group

Hope all of you are having a great weather weekend like we are.  The day was absolutely spectacular here: Funny thing about weather in the mountains.  The variability can be really crazy.  We told you that the predicted high yesterday was 69 F (20 C).  Well, the official high ended up being 74 F (23

Current Temperature – 47 F / 8 C Current Conditions: Saturday Forecast – Sunny, High of 69 F / 20 C Forecasted Result: Happy Saturday!

This shadow smells funny – Kiska

A number of you asked about Frying Pan Mountain, one of the mountains we hiked this past weekend and mentioned in yesterday’s video.  So we did a little research and tried to find out where the name came from.  The first piece of information was that the name came from the nearby Fryingpan Gap.  Well,

We think a lot of pups out there will share in our sentiment right now – it is hot and humid.  We may not see the 90F (30C) some of you see, but we still think that some afternoons can be a pretty warm.  Hope everypup is getting plenty of fresh water and shade (if

The Victim wearing his new collar Rusty the Rooster The Accused (in the slammer) Cheoah the Chewer The Evidence We all wear Keep Safe Break Away Collars from Chinook, but there is a problem.  Cheoah finds the collar to be an incredible tool during wrestling matches and the collar, as it supposed to, breaks away.