Woo – Who is that over there? A cousin and his bodyguard We did not go meet them.  Our cousin had a ferocious bodyguard, sort of like Huffle has Bazza except that this bodyguard actually made lots of noise and told us to go away.  I mean, Huff, where was Bazza during the attack of

We went on our early morning hike and it was already hot and humid – yuck! Yesterday, our humans drove down into Ozzie territory – we went to the Mall of Georgia.  Now, our humans really do not go to malls very often, partially because there aren’t any in our town and we have to

Much hotter down here at Lake Hartwell State Park than it is at our house in Maggie Valley, so we are doing our hikes early in the morning and after sunset.  Since we needed to get our walk done before the heat set in, we were very serious and focused. Ok, fair enough, Rusty is

It has certainly been a difficult week.  Wonder if Kiska would like to express her opinion of the week. Makes the boys jealous that you can pee higher on a tree than they can, huh, Kiska?  Really not sure where you learned it, but it does keep the boys in check.  Anyway, the weekend is rapidly

Princess Dakota 8/15/97 – 6/24/09 Frankly, when we began blogging the activities of The Herd, we thought it would be a fun hobby.  It truly is. What we did not expect was that we would form incredible friendships without actually meeting the other people and dogs in “real life.”  So, we never had the opportunity

Is running with K & R in the Rockies like running with The Herd in the Smokies? If this was Life with Dogs, we would have cute little balloon thoughts. Which does Bricey think is a worse first name – Snowflake (me) or Boris (Rusty)? Mostly, I am thinking of my beautiful twin sister Dakota.  My special

Most of you have heard this news, but on the off chance you have not – we interrupt our regularly scheduled blog  . . . A Siberian Husky is a unique dog in one very frustrating way – we are an incredible escape artist.  We can climb fences, dig giant holes and even unweave fence

Five years ago today, Rusty the Rooster came to join our family.  We were actually looking at another Siberian from Carolina Siberian Rescue, but when we went to look at Sunshine, Nikita was clear that she did not like him.  Disappointed, we kept introducing one Siberian after another and either Nikita or Natasha made clear

When people meet Natasha, she will either be aloof or offer her ears for an appropriate scratching.  But everyone sees this pretty girl and wonders why I refer to her as Queen Natasha the Evil. When you see her with the pack and she simply walks through them as they move out of her way,

Sometimes, you feel like walking with the pack: Sometimes, you don’t.

Are they trying to tell me something? Qannik Rusty & Kodiak

Nothing quite like getting up at sunrise for an early hike Mist burning off of the lake Wildlife stirring Except for that getting up early part, of course.