May 22, 2020

End of a Suave Day


Frankie works hard around Chez Herd By The Sea and looks forward to the end of a Suave Day…if only he could figure out what the youngsters are up to.

Yard patrol is complete
Yard patrol is complete

Frankie Suave handles his duties in his usual, calm manner. He rounds up the youngsters and sends them inside the house for the evening. And then he settles down for a little relaxation.

A pleasant end to a Suave day
A pleasant end to a Suave day

Of course, the boss’s day is never completely done, especially if Frankie has to figure out what a Boom Boom is up to.

What is that boy doing with his lizard tongue?
What is that boy doing with his lizard tongue?

We hope our U.S. reader’s have a terrific Memorial Day weekend. We will be back on TUESDAY.

P.S. – For our readers who haven’t been able to see the comments below, we haven’t figured out the issue yet. It seems to only affect a small number of people, each of whom are using different web browsers. We will keep working on it and do have a software patch to apply this weekend, though it really shouldn’t affect the comment section at all. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. the ‘lizard tongue’ caught me off guard. I laughed out loud!
    have a wonderful holiday at Chez Herd by the Sea Hu Dad!
    as I write this it’s pouring rain and thundering… but I’m loving it. xo


  2. Frankie Suave’s duties are never ending-especially with the youngsters. I hope during the Memorial Day weekend he manages to get some much deserved rest. Enjoy your weekend all.


  3. Happy memorial weekend. Maybe Frankie should take a break…we all know that’s not happening. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of rest, relaxation and Herd antics! My Huskies FORCED me to turn the AC on…all registers are now “floofy”. Ah, like with these furry beasts is never dull! 🤣🐺🐾


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