February 11, 2020

An Unexpected Typhoon


When our most cantankerous member of The Herd does something unusual, we refer to that as an unexpected Tyhpoon Phooey moment.

The four boys walking - Landon, Frankie, Typhoon and Roscoe
The four boys walking – Landon, Frankie, Typhoon and Roscoe

Miss Cheoah rarely joins us for the afternoon walk leaving it as an all boys special. But what happens when one of them pulls out of formation?

Where did Typhoon go?
Where did Typhoon go?

No, Hu-Dad didn’t Photoshop him out of the picture or anything. In fact, he did something really sweet which is the definition of an unexpected Typhoon moment.

I wanted to walk with my Hu-Dad.
I wanted to walk with my Hu-Dad.

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  1. AAWW Typhoon Phooey-I just LOVE you wanted to walk beside your Hu-Dad! You know you really lucked out when he adopted you into the HERD!


  2. Oh that’s so sweet. Or he had a better view of the squirrels from that vantage point. But I’m sure that was pure love .. that was your Valentine from Typhoon !!


  3. awww…
    isn’t it wonderful and amazing how they’re each so special in their own way!
    they truly ARE! thanks for letting us know them Hu-Dad!


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