February 10, 2020

Cheery Cheesy Meds


An update from Miss Cheoah’s vet visit Friday afternoon and some adjustments in our treatments—tweaking the cheery Cheesy meds.

Miss Cheesy in the yard
Miss Cheesy in the yard

With her 14th birthday in the rearview mirror, Miss Cheoah gets special attention to ensure her comfort. Arthritis has been her nemesis for quite a long time, so we periodically review her medication and supplement regimen, along with regular blood screening to watch for any side effects. She has exhibited some increasing discomfort in the last few weeks and we believe in comfort above everything.

The adjustment is putting some pep in her step
The adjustment is putting some pep in her step

A few days into the new mix and things seem to be going well. We will keep a close eye on our girl to keep that big smile going in the backyard.

The legs are feeling good
The legs are feeling good

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  1. What about a ramp built so she does not have to do so many stairs? That is what we did with our dogs as they got older. Stairs are hard on legs.


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