February 3, 2020

Say Cheese Cheese


With nearly perfect weather Sunday, Miss Cheesy enjoyed some yard and deck time, so Hu-Dad followed with the camera asking her to say cheese Cheese.

Please say cheese Cheese
Please say cheese Cheese

After a rainy Friday and cloudy cool Saturday, we were ready for a Sunday of sunshine and warm temperatures. Miss Cheesy enjoyed her yard time and deck time savoring the weather, but grumbled the photographer followed her around.

The photographer is on the deck too?
The photographer is on the deck too?

Don’t worry, though, she received standard wages in liver treats and bonus ear scratches and nose rubs—well deserved rewards for her modeling efforts.

I want those liver treats now.
I want those liver treats now.

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  1. I’ve never seen her disgruntled! She’s so beautiful. My 2 redheads love Cheese! She’s your Covergirl! Now…about those treats!????


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