January 31, 2020

When Bad Ideas Go Very Wrong


Ever have that moment when you are going to do something that you know won’t end well and you find out what happens when bad ideas go very wrong?

Roscoe, sneaking up on Typhoon seems like a bad idea.
Roscoe, sneaking up on Typhoon seems like a bad idea

Roscoe loves enticing his big brother, Typhoon, into a game of chase. Sometimes, he wants the game to happen so much he resorts to not the brightest ideas—like pouncing on his brother without warning.

That was fun...for a minute.
That was fun…for a minute

The problem is once the chase had begun, no easy way exists to end it. Then Roscoe finds himself the target of a big brother looking for revenge.

The moment you realize bad ideas go very wrong sometimes
The moment you realize bad ideas go very wrong sometimes

So enjoy your weekend, dear readers, and know that this chase will go on and on and on and on…

Roscoe discovers hiding isn't the answer
Roscoe discovers hiding isn’t the answer

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  1. I guess Roscoe still hasn’t gotten the idea of “DON’T sneak up on your big brother”!! I hope by now he has been forgiven for his mistake-lol. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Yes, he was digging which is why Hu-Dad was monitoring him so closely (the dirt here is full of tasty critters). And, no, he is no rougher than normal Siberian Husky play.


  2. Oh Roscoe, you might want to rethink these sneak pounces! Typhoon is a Zoomie expert too. He will catch you! Let the games continue!????❤


  3. The first photo made me smile in anticipation of how that idea was going to end. Thank you for a laugh-out-loud moment with the final photo. Love it.


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