Roscoe’s New Year’s Resolution

Roscoe’s New Year’s Resolution might not be the most friendly pledge, but it is something he wants very dearly (as do most canines).

I wish I may, I wish I might, catch my New Year's Resolution tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might, catch my New Year’s Resolution tonight.

When Roscoe was abandoned at an animal shelter, the anonymous note left with him said he wasn’t good with children. He proved that wrong again yesterday when a couple of young boys asked to meet him. He was incredibly patient with them, covering them with kisses as they stroked his fur. But while he might be good with kids, he does have one weakness.

Come down here, you little tree rat, I dare you.
Come down here, you little tree rat, I dare you.

Squirrels are the bane of Roscoe’s existence. He wishes they wouldn’t scamper up trees as he approaches and is endlessly fascinated with their chattering and squawking. Somehow, we don’t think Roscoe’s New Year’s Resolution is to make friends with the little tree rats.

Maybe I want to invite them over, for... dinner.
Maybe I want to invite them over as…er, for… dinner.

May you have a Happy and safe New Year! We will see you Thursday morning.

8 thoughts on “Roscoe’s New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Ruby said her New Years resolution is to stop eating and rolling in dead things in the woods!! She would have so much fun with Roscoe during and after the hunt. Happy New Years to the whole Chez Herd by the Sea.

  2. Oh, that prey drive in huskies. I always had to be alert. Now that Juno’s older, she isn’t as interested in the hunt anymore.
    Whew! Happy New Year to all.

  3. We have squirrels that come on our back porch and steal the dog’s toys. It is quite funny. Plus it gives the dogs exercise to chase them.

  4. Where I live now there are absolutely monster-sized trees, which are awesome but they are home to hundreds of fat and sassy squirrels. Maddox tries his best to catch them, but on leash it is kinda hard as for some reason I never want to run full tilt with him to try. 🙂

    We adopted our Briard from a shelter and were told the same thing about him. At the time, my son was 2 and my daughter 4. He was absolutely amazing with them – the worst thing he did was push them in corners. There wasn’t a mean bone in that dog’s body. Such a good, good boy, I can only assume it was a stupid excuse, or worse, they treated him in such a way he was forced to defend himself. Never heard that dog growl once.

  5. It’s amazing how people will try and justify dumping a dog. I’m this case He was lucky because he found you

    Happy New Year to you and your family, and of course the Sibe Tribe

  6. Aw Roscoe you’re so adorable! Izzy feels the same way about squirrels. I’ve come up close and personal with many a tree when we’re on a squirrel chase! Happy New Year to all of you!!!

  7. Oh Roscoe-I am SO happy that you proved them wrong about you not liking children! Best day of your life is when Hu-Dad welcomed you into the herd! You really DO LIKE those tree rats though-lol Happy New Year all!!!!


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