Oyster Landing High Tide

Sunday afternoon’s rains stopped before sunset giving us a chance for an evening walk just in time for the Oyster Landing High Tide.

The normal controlled chaos of a boy's walk.
The normal controlled chaos of a boy’s walk.

Miss Cheesy, as she often does in the afternoon, opted for a shorter walk leaving the restless boys to go on their own longer walk. We opted to head for the nearby Oyster Landing and discovered even the fishermen had avoided the weather. We had the landing all to ourselves…except for all of the water from a high tide.

Roscoe scanning the salt marsh at high tide.
Roscoe scanning the salt marsh at high tide.

When told to head back home, Roscoe suggested we take a shortcut home through the marsh. Typhoon insisted that his royal feety-feet had to stay dry. You can see the debate in the next photo.

Come on, Ty, the house is right there.
Nopity Nope. My feety feet don’t get wet.

For once, Hu-Dad agreed with Typhoon and we took the dry route home.

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  1. Typhoon, Maddox understands your wet feety-feet concerns. He does not like to get on wet grass (but tromp through the river? that’s fine!).


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