December 3, 2019

Fencing Coming Soon


As our home renovations come closer and closer to completion, we are scheduling our fence installation. Yes, fencing coming soon!

Cheoah enjoying a stroll around the yard (with leash dragging)
Cheoah enjoying a stroll around the yard (with leash dragging)

Our fencing installer is visiting Chez Herd By The Sea (how’s that for a new name???) today to measure for the fence installation. We expect most of the exterior work on the house to be complete in the next few weeks (finally) so we can (finally) get our fence replaced.

Then we will be able to run, run, run.
Then we will be able to run, run, run.

Maybe the timing will work out that we will get our fence for Christmas? That could be an awesome present to ourselves.

Then we won't need no stinking leashes...inside the fence.
Then we won’t need no stinking leashes…inside the fence.

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  1. What great news Hu-Dad-hopefully a Christmas present to the Chez Herd by the Sea(love the name BTW). Miss Cheoah can run and play with NO leash dragging behind her! WHOPPEE!


  2. I really like the new name, sounds so peaceful and relaxed. The fence will be a great addition to the new home. With 1 I can get away with no fence, but with 5, no way!! Enjoyed your grassy yard today, after our 2 feet of snow here. I am sure you don’t miss the white mess!!


  3. I can’t even begin to imagine not having a fence. The joy on everyone’s face, including the humans, will be a sight to see!


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