Who Is That Other Dog?

In the background of today’s photos is some other dog which raises lots of questions. Typhoon does his best to answer them.

Typhoon defending his bed from Roscoe...and that other dog in the background.
Typhoon defending his bed from Roscoe…and that other dog in the background.

The “other dog” was in our old house and made the move to this house, but many of you may never have noticed him before. Typhoon likes to run up to him and say, “Hey, is that you?”

Don’t get it? Don’t worry, Hu-Dad’s bad jokes take time, so… “Hey, statue?”

You may groan now.

The resemblance between them is uncanny.
The resemblance between them is uncanny.

We call our buddy “Scooby Doo” because of a resemblance to the cartoon character and the psychedelic 60’s colorings that remind us of the van. For those too young to get the reference, just know that Hu-Dad is old. We like to remind him of that often.

Typhoon loves a sibling who doesn't talk back.
Typhoon loves a sibling who doesn’t talk back.

4 thoughts on “Who Is That Other Dog?”

  1. Wow-that is a REALLY colorful statue!!! Good job Typhoon-a sibling who doesn’t talk back and doesn’t contribute to the HAIR blowing around the house!!! Yes it does remind me of Scooby Doo!

  2. TyTy too bad this Scooby Doo can’t take your spot in the coat brushing line. Maybe he needs a turn huh, try that one on Hu-Dad, you say he’s old may he won’t notice. Haha

  3. I remember scooby doo and I don’t consider myself old so Hu-dad is not old either. It reminds me of the buffalo they had painted all over Yellowstone in 2007 (different people decorated all the different ones) and then the big horn sheep that they have in Billings MT (when we were there in 2012-2016) downtown (same concept that different artists get to show their talents by decorating them and then they line the different streets). I love the art.


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