November 8, 2019

Frankie And The Lower Balcony


Frankie and the Hu-Dad enjoyed the setting sun from the lower balcony of the house (and we show why leashes are still needed).

Frankie enjoying the view from the lower balcony.
Frankie enjoying the view from the lower balcony.

We have two levels of decks on the new house. The first is covered and off the main living space while the upper floor is off the bedrooms. We canines haven’t been able to enjoy the decks much for one big reason.

The safety rails still haven't been installed.
The safety rails still haven’t been installed.

The railing should be installed over the next week as well as an outdoor staircase connected to the decks which will give us direct outdoor access to our yard…once the new fence is finally installed.

And why does Frankie get to go out on the porch without the railing as opposed to some of the younger dogs?

Frankie prefers cuddling with his Hu-Dad.
Frankie prefers cuddling with his Hu-Dad.

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  1. So did you ever sell your old house? Did they have dogs??
    It would have been perfect for us-no neighbors except horses and the ski resort. Way far away from anything but unfortuntately I see because of the ski resort, the prices for the houses are a bit high for our budget. We prefer no neighbors.


  2. Sorry! Have not been following you all for awhile. Where did you move to? I see water, are you near the NC coast or a lake? Thanks for your reply. Dave in Little Switzerland, NC


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