November 6, 2019

Artsy Modeling


Typhoon and Roscoe take their turns doing some artsy modeling for the Hu-Dad’s photograophy session – complete with blue skies in the background.

Typhoon's artsy modeling - looking pensive and handsome.
Typhoon’s artsy modeling – looking pensive and handsome.

Hu-Dad had been trying to coax some good photos out of his uncooperative subjects and ending up stretching out on his back in exasperation. As he looked up at the sky, he realized he had some artsy modeling going on just from the angle.

His Highness striking a royal pose.
His Highness striking a royal pose.

Hu-Dad would love to claim credit for the next photo, but the reality is that an Osprey came in for a landing in the grassy area next door and had captured Roscoe’s and Typhoon’s attention.

Whoa. What a really big bird.
Whoa. What a really big bird.

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  1. your shots are ALWAYS beautiful Hu Dad! but then look at your subjects.
    I’ve been meaning to ask… another blog I follow also always keeps her sibes on a leash in their large yard… even though it’s well fenced. I’ve never asked her why.
    and I remember yours never had a leash on in your home in the mountains except for walks. just wondering. and … are there occasional alligators in the marshy swamp area behind you there? I know alligators have been known to climb fences! YIKES!


    1. The fence that came with this house is not Siberian proof. We plan to replace the fence but are waiting for renovations to be complete. Once that is done, the dogs will be able to be in that part of the yard off-leash. They will be able to access the yard anytime they want, except when the humans are gone.

      And, yes, there are wild creatures in the marsh. We aren’t really worried about alligators (it’s a salt marsh and alligators prefer fresh water), but we also have plenty of snakes, coyotes, and other wild creatures.


  2. thanks Hu Dad! I was sure there was a good explanation!
    and I’ve understood the need for Siberian proof fencing. lol!
    but AAGGGH! you had me at “snakes.” they have to live I know.
    but they just give me the creeping willies!
    except they would have to be very brave snakes to come into your yard I’m thinking!


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