November 4, 2019

Human Tardiness


Much to the Little Prince’s displeasure, discipline has crumbled at Chez Herd with a rash of human tardiness affecting eveything.

The sun is setting, so why is everything so late.
The sun is setting, so why is everything so late.

Sunday started off poorly for the Little Prince Typhoon Phooey when he muttered his good morning demands and was greeted with the human response that he needed to sleep for another hour. Morning walks were an hour late and breakfast was an hour late. All of this human tardiness was enough to make for grouchy royalty.

I am so displeased with the human servants.
I am so displeased with the human servants.

The humans attempted to explain the ending of daylight savings time and fall back and other clock related thoughts, but we canines know that time doesn’t just change because the humans say it changes. They seem to think such tardiness is to be tolerated for the next several months which is just totally unacceptable.

Don't you humans run on Canine Standard Time?
Don’t you humans run on Canine Standard Time?

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  1. Oh yes!! We were reminded that we were late on breakfast as well!

    Daylight savings time does not exist if you have four legged babies or human babies ????. They want it on time, their time…????


  2. I face the same issues. Our dogs like a SCHEDULE and never mind what the clock says. Their stomachs say it’s TIME to eat! Even for me-last night when it got dark earlier-my body said-“Time to go to bed”-Really??? It was TOO early-lol


  3. Canine standard time now that is an idea to adopt instead of flipping back & forth!! The HokiePack has the same complaints no gaining a hour here !!!!


  4. My kids yell at me when I get home from work for the first week of the time change. They say I am late, where was I, and why are you an hour late?


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