November 1, 2019

Some Boom Boom Wine


Landon took a little temptation almost too far during last night’s photo shoot and attempted to sample some Boom Boom wine.

Ooooh, this grape juice looks quite tasty to drink.
Ooooh, this grape juice looks quite tasty to drink.

Landon was hanging out in the den when he noticed the human refreshments sitting on the table. Hu-Dad thought it would be funny to grab a couple of photos for the blog when…

Let me taste a little Boom Boom wine.
Let me taste a little Boom Boom wine.

Well that cut the photo shoot just a little short because Hu-Dad had an image of Boom Boom after a few laps of the human drink…and it wasn’t pretty.

Wheeee...that grape juice tasted funny!
Wheeee…that grape juice tasted funny!

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  1. OMG-I am laughing so hard!! Boom Boom needs to stay away from the human refreshments!! I LOVE that last photo. Have a good weekend all!


  2. LOL. I have two that will sample wine. One that will sample beer. The reaction to proffered drink that falls into the rejected category is priceless. Positively a YUCK! face. They’ve never actually tasted it, just got a sniff but would pursue a taste if they got that far.


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