September 4, 2019

Stalked By A Turtle Named Dorian


With final preparations complete, we can only wait for the slowly incoming hurricane, often described as being stalked by a turtle.

When will Dorian ever get here?
When will Dorian ever get here?

So many natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, flash floods, mudslides, and tsunamis are sudden in their attack. They arrive with little warning and you deal with them as best you can. Hurricanes, however, creep toward you, turn slowly, and inch along. That is why they are so aptly described as being stalked by a turtle.

Enjoying the sunshine and light breezes.

Yesterday’s weather was beautiful—only light clouds, lots of sunshine, and light breezes. That will change rapidly this afternoon. As this post was being written, a final stay/go decision had not been made. We are fully prepared to do either and will make that decision early Wednesday. Either way, though, posting for the next couple of days will be quite difficult. We will be back online as soon as we can.

Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

P.S. – Continued good thoughts to everyone in the path. Stay safe, be smart, and see you on the backside.

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  1. Our prayers continue Hu-Dad for you and the Herd. As I write this it’s 6.14AM EDT and wonder what decision you have made. Whatever it is-please stay safe and sound. AS you said in your P.S.-Continued good thoughts to everyone in the path. Stay safe-be smart,and see you all on the backside. No better words!


  2. To stay or go is a hard decision to make. I know Hu-Dad will make the best choice to keep the Herd safe.
    Prayers are with you.


  3. Good to see Cheez in that photo! God’s speed to Hu-dad and the Herd. Prayers for everyone in the path of this evil “Turtle”. I hope it turns quickly East. Soft Woos and high paws from our little pack, including the Felines! As always written by the employee, dictated by my bosses: Siniy, Bolt and Radar the Canines. Ruby, Luna and Shadow the Felines ????♥️????


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