September 3, 2019

Waiting For Dorian


Like much of the east coast, we are waiting for Dorian to come and—more importantly—go away so we can get our lives back to normal.

His Haughtiness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey keeping a watchful eye for Dorian.
His Haughtiness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey keeping a watchful eye for Dorian.

We’ve been watching Dorian work his way across the Atlantic for quite a while. In just a few days, he will finally be away from us and we can look forward to getting back to our new normal (which we were still getting used to).

Roscoe joins Typhoon for the Dorian lookout duties.
Roscoe joins Typhoon for the Dorian lookout duties.

Like everyone else, we are horrified what the storm has done to the Bahamas and wish the people there the absolute best. We are thankful that it will not be close to as powerful when it comes to us. And we are hoping that it goes east rather than on top of us.

Roscoe distracted from Dorian watch by an Osprey flying overhead.
Roscoe distracted from “Dorian watch” by an Osprey flying overhead.

We hope you understand, but we can not promise daily posts this week. We have lots to do to prepare (expecting the peak of the storm Wednesday night into Thursday) and are watching the path carefully to decide where to ride it out (which we would only do if it goes east of us as currently predicted-we are still 2 days away). We fully expect electricity, internet, and phone to be quite iffy if we stay and time and internet access will be challenging if we leave, but will do our best to keep you informed.

Looking at the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of those islands.
Looking at the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of those islands.

P.S. – For all of our friends and neighbors in the path, stay safe, be smart, and see you on the backside.

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  1. Hu-DAD-my prayers are with you and the Herd to be safe. Anyone in the path of Dorian is nervous and don’t know what to expect. Myself and all who follow you will be watching for posts but understand it won’t be possible at some points. Stay safe all!


  2. From our furmily to yours…. please stay safe and protected. We send our love and prayers for well-being. Kisses and hugs to the boys and princess CheeseWhiz ❤️????


  3. Hu-dad and beautiful Herd, please stay safe and know you have many people sending good thoughts your way. We certainly understand not seeing your posts of this amazing family if they cannot be done due to the storm and only wish for your safety. Just let us know when you can, that all are well and safe. Take care of yourselves.
    Love the photos of the intense Dorian watch. They are amazing.


  4. take care darling Hu Dad. moving is stressful enough.
    and now a huge hurricane. prayers are with you and the herd.
    and all the many people this monster storm is affecting in one way or another.
    we’ll be here.


  5. Stay safe and sound! We lost power for a week last fall and we live 4 hours from the beach! So understand the Iffy power/internet. Prayers for all in the path & those already devastated. Go away Dorian!!!


  6. Although we would miss the daily report of the Herd, we certainly understand. Just stay safe…you, your family and your Fur family. Give each and everyone of your pack extra hugs from our little pack, Siniy, Bolt and Radar. Even our Feline friends wish you safety and comfort! Ruby, Luna and Shadow!♥️


  7. Wishing your family and the Herd the very best from this awful monster!! Just stay safe and we’ll look forward to your posts when you can.


  8. It looks like the Herd is well-tied down with substantial rope and connectors so they won’t blow away. Stay safe, wish you the best.
    Vincent, Silky & Nacho


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