Scenes From The Trippy-Trap Bridge

One of our walks takes across a really cool trippy-trap bridge that gives us great views of all of the cool creatures that live in the salt marsh.

The Little Prince loves watching the marsh wildlife.
The Little Prince loves watching the marsh wildlife.

A quick side story—Typhoon loves sitting in our backyard watching the various birds of the salt marsh fly around. He watched a pair of Great Egrets sitting on a tree and thought they were awesome, until they opened their wings to launch into flight. His eyes got big and you could see him calculating that their five-foot wide wing spans were bigger than he was. The Little Prince might be keeping his distance from the big birds.

Roscoe watching the crabs scurry over the pluff mud.

We canines also greatly appreciate the sheer variety of smells that can be found in salt marshes. The ebb and flow of the tides covers and uncovers an olfactory delight of scents…at least, if you are a canine. We love to just sit in the yard and sniff the air.

Pardon Roscoe, but that long tongue might indicate how far we walked from the house.
Pardon Roscoe, but that long tongue might indicate how far we walked from the house.

11 thoughts on “Scenes From The Trippy-Trap Bridge”

  1. Looks like Roscoe might be competing for the fluffy tail award!! Boom Boom better watch out! Of course Roscoe has the tongue award in the bag 😉🤣

  2. It does look like the Herd is really enjoying the sights and smells of their new area! I’m sure Typhoon got a little nervous looking at those huge WINGSPAN of those birds!! What new adventures are to come??

    • Our humans have not allowed us up that far. Something about lots of humans, food, and goats might overwhelm us and we forget how to behave. Pshaw.

  3. Glad the Herd is enjoying their new digs. Sounds like 1 walk is enough to wear them out…wait, 2 Huskies own me, let me re-phrase. I bet 4 walks a day gets them enough new sights and makes them tired! HD-DVD might want to get a Scooter with Leash attachments!

    • We normally do two walks a day – each about two miles. As the temperature has dropped the last few days, we have added a third, mid-day walk.

      P.S. – We loved HD-DVD. We may start calling him that.

  4. Little Prince is a very smart boy to steer clear of the big birds! I suspect they would find all that fluffy fur HIGHLY interesting for nest-building (assuming they build the kind of nest that needs fluff — I’m showing my ignorance here)! We have lots of herons and cranes around here, but no big egrets, only small white birds. The largest wingspan I’ve seen is from a big hawk who settled on our fence. Our dogs ignored it completely, which was sensible of them!

  5. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Looks like the Herd is settling into their new environment without too much problem. How have they taken to all the salt water in their world now? Do they like the “ocean”?

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