Speed Walking

The younger boys were acting up around the house, so Hu-Dad took them on a speed walking trip to burn some of their excess energy.

Why are we speed walking?
Why are we speed walking?

Some days, the younger boys of The Herd get up to mischief around the house and Hu-Dad would prefer they napped more and wrestled less. So how does he burn the excess energy off the juvenile delinquents? Speed walking!

Why aren't Frankie and Cheoah with us?
Why aren’t Frankie and Cheoah with us?

Frankie and Cheoah hang out at the house, Hu-Dad hooks up the miscreants, and everyone sets off on at a very fast pace. During the beginning of the walk, we have the usual horseplay, but everyone figures out fairly quickly that they need to concentrate to keep up. By the end of the walk, everyone is head down, focused, and—most importantly to Hu-Dad—tired.

Hu-Dad's view as the youngsters become focused on speed.
Hu-Dad’s view as the youngsters become focused on speed.

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  1. Hi Hu-Dad, is it difficult to just take the youngsters on a walk? Do Frankie and Cheoah get excited when they see you getting ready for a walk? As soon as I start doing anything that they think is me getting ready for a walk – they all get excited and it would be a struggle getting out with only one or two. Thanks!

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