July 9, 2019

Boom Boom Biding His Time


In reviewing yesterday’s photos of the brothers resting up from their holiday, we failed to highlight Boom Boom biding his time.

Boom Boom biding his time.
Boom Boom biding his time.

Landon wasn’t in yesterday’s photos because the brothers were sprawled on the floor. Boom Boom, however, had snagged the lone crate in the study as his own personal napping zone. Only, he wasn’t doing much napping.

Are we ready to play yet?
Are we ready to play yet?

Landon, the perpetual energy machine that he is, was bored with the napping in the room but knew better than to disturb his brother’s during their nap. Instead, he tried to keep himself amused until they were ready for the games to begin. And, unfortunately, a bored Boom Boom can get quite creative in dreaming up self-entertainment.

Maybe I could climb those shelves and see what's on top.
Maybe I could climb those shelves and see what’s on top.

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  1. Boom Boom is a schemer, but what a gorgeous evil doer. Glad Hu Dad caught Landon not napping, so we can see his beautiful eyes again!????


  2. I love it when dogs plot. I have pictures of our dogs too that you just wonder what they are really thinking and scheming. Too funny.


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