June 17, 2019

Approaching Monday Natural Disaster


For your start of the week, we thought we would share an approaching Monday Natural Disaster…assuming you think of a Typhoon.

Warning - Natural Disaster Typhoon approaching
Warning – Natural Disaster Typhoon approaching

Several people have sent us a meme floating around on social media depicting four “natural disasters.” The upper right corner is a Typhoon and the lower right corner is a Siberian Husky. As the various fans have noted, in our case, the two images go together quite well.

Would I ever cause trouble?
Would I ever cause trouble?

For those of you who don’t know (or remember), Typhoon came to us named Ty, but Hu-Dad likes to use two syllable names because they are easier to communicate with a canine. He was trying out various combinations when a reader suggested the winning solution. Little did we know how much we were tempting fate by naming a dog after a natural disaster, but let’s say it’s quite fitting (even if he is a cute natural disaster).

Just don't try to brush me.
Just don’t try to brush me.

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  1. AAWW Hu-Dad-Typhoon is a cutie although an untouchable one! I assume as long as you stay away from his ZOOMIES and don’t TRY and brush him-all is well?


  2. he knows he needs a good brushing! but hey…
    he’s the TYPHOON!
    and you know Hu Dad… he’s ‘above’ that kind of nonsense of course.
    his highness the great Typhooney!


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