Brothers Ask—Ready To Rumble?

Typhoon and Roscoe love hanging out in Hu-Dad’s office, but get bored. When boredom strikes, one of them always asks the other, “Ready to Rumble?”

So, Bro, Ready To Rumble?
So, Bro, Ready To Rumble?

The two loners have become best pals. Typhoon has, of course, always been an independent cuss inside the Herd. And Roscoe had a reputation at his rescue of not having any buds. But they have found each other.

So let's get this party started.
So let’s get this party started.

And for the next several minutes after such a challenge has been issued, the study becomes a wrestling match and Hu-Dad doesn’t get any work done. But he does grab his camera.

Typhoon triumphantly says, I chomp you!
Typhoon triumphantly says, I chomp you!

Yes, we know, many of you are wanting to reach through your computer screen and pluck all that waiting fur on Typhoon’s rump. Trust us, he is not a fan of anyone touching him. Except Roscoe.

A brotherly hug or a smack down, depending on your view.
A brotherly hug or a smack down, depending on your view.

5 thoughts on “Brothers Ask—Ready To Rumble?”

  1. I just love the fact that Roscoe and Typhoon have become such great pals-even play fighting because it’s what they do! I think the last picture is a HUG!!!

  2. do you ever get to pet Typhoon?
    fascinating why he doesn’t want to be touched.
    he’s just so beautiful! it would be hard not to.

    • Typhoon has moments where he wants a quick cuddle, but it’s on his terms and last as long as he wants it to and not a second more. Then he grumbles and runs off.

  3. It looks like Landon the referee is observing from behind the gate. It’s an interesting relationship those two have.

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