May 24, 2019

Big Brother Suave By Frankie


Our quiet big brother is rarely the focus of our posts because he is always so calm, so we decided to share some Big Brother Suave for your weekend.

Mr. Frankie Suave showing off the big brother suave style.
Mr. Frankie Suave showing off the big brother suave style.

With the antics of his brothers and the style of his sister, Mr. Frankie doesn’t capture the spotlight around Chez Herd often. But he likes it that way—the calm, steady, even-keeled brother (except when thunder booms or fighter jets screech overhead, but we all have a weakness).

Typhoon unhappy his big brother told him to behave.
Typhoon unhappy his big brother told him to behave.

Underneath that calm demeanor, though, is a true big brother. Not afraid to tell the youngsters when they are acting up and keeping everything at a reasonable level of chaos.

Roscoe napping with his good big brother.
Roscoe napping with his good big brother.

Schedule Change

Don’t forget our schedule change. We will not be posting this weekend nor Monday (the Memorial Day Holiday here in the U.S.). We look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday, May 28. Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Frankie Suave is a real star too-keeping those pesky boys under control and watching over his sister. I love the picture that Roscoe isn’t happy he was taken to task for misbehaving-lol Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Hu-Dad and the herd. We’ll see you on Tuesday!


  2. Typhoon’s face has that ‘wheels a turnin’ expression. Plotting his next adventure? Enjoy the extra time and the nice weather.


  3. Roscoe looks like his hair is so short and kept unlike Frankie’s chaos in that last pic.

    But I will always love Frankie’s smiling face from the moment I saw him in the rescue.


    1. Hu-Dad has been amused to discover that Roscoe is starting to blow coat despite the short hair. He has the softest fur coming out in small tufts.


  4. yes. that smile says it all. it’s so sweet. piquant yet adventurous…
    with a faint bouquet of wisdom… he should have been a fine wine. he knows he’s worth it.
    when you’re that suave and beautiful you can afford to relax ‘anywhere!’
    and Hu Dad speaking of… don’t you DARE do regular chores this holiday.
    just try to relax and unwind and start loving this new well deserved schedule!!! xo


  5. Thank you for reminding me …. I would have been emailing that I got missed … that being said

    Have a good weekend… you all will be missed

    Sabo the German Shepherd, Attorney at Paw
    Max the Tibetan Mastiff, Attorney at Paw
    Jasmine the Lab, CPA
    Athena the English Mastiff, LCSW
    Delola the German Shepherd, Attorney at Paw
    And their human servant


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