Waiting In The Rain

With the baby birds chirping in the Tree of Life, Landon spent a very soaked day waiting in the rain enamored with nature.

What's a little waiting in the rain?
What’s a little waiting in the rain?

Yesterday, we mentioned how the dogs have become enthralled with the squawking of baby birds that have recently hatched in the Tree of Life. Landon might be more fixated than everyone else. We had well over two inches of rain yesterday—a steady drumming of water falling steadily—but he never wanted to leave his sentry post.

Who cares if I get a little wet?
Who cares if I get a little wet?

Hu-Dad is going to have to deploy some major distractions when the birds start leaning to fly. And Landon is really hoping he forgets before that happens.

Maybe if I stand on this side of the tree.
Maybe if I stand on this side of the tree.

4 thoughts on “Waiting In The Rain”

  1. Landon is REALLY focused on those noises he hears in the tree of life! Neither rain nor whatever-can take him away from his task of sentry. Good luck Hu-Dad when those little birds learn to fly-What’s your plan of distraction??

  2. You’re really smitten with those baby birdies, aren’t ya, Landon! Those little hungry screams capture your undivided attention…. and maybe pierce your tender ears!!

  3. Boom Boom, you might want to get an Umbrella…we know you “fly” around the compound, but you might want to leave the flight lessons to Mama Bird!

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