Inverted Napping

Landon demonstrates the special skill of inverted napping and generously holds the pose while Hu-Dad grabs some photographs for our readers.

The boys napping in Hu-Dad's study
The boys napping in Hu-Dad’s study

Hu-Dad would like to point out a couple of things about the above photo. The first is notice how they are working hard to take up the maximum amount of floor space. Hu-Dad is attempting to work in his study and no matter which way he goes, he is stepping over a canine.

The side view shows off the twisty body.
The side view shows off the twisty body.

But most important, of course, is the study of Landon’s inverted napping. Notice that the head and the right rear leg are both facing the same direction meaning the body has a full 180 degree twist. This is a sleeping position only a canine can appreciate.

The overhead view of inverted napping.
The overhead view of inverted napping.

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  1. This way of napping Landon brings a smile to my face. Our boy Bradley sleeps like a lot and I cannot understand HOW in the world that can be comfortable? Hu-Dad it does seem to be true-you have a floor FULL of sibes so careful where you walk!

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