Walking Hints

Friday afternoon and Hu-Dad was wrapping up work for the week, which is good based on the strong walking hints Typhoon was giving.

I notice the leashes are still hanging on their hooks.
I notice the leashes are still hanging on their hooks.

We take our afternoon stroll every day after Hu-Dad quits work (well, he might work more in the evening after dinner, but that’s not our issue). After our walk, we get dinner. Now walk + dinner are about the two highest priorities we canines have (naps would be number three), so we don’t like to see delays. Unfortunately, Typhoon was claiming that Hu-Dad was tardy.

Can you hear the sighs from there, dear reader?
Can you hear the sighs from there, dear reader?

When even heavy sighing wasn’t getting the job done, the Little Prince broke out the big guns. Caution before scrolling down. Most of you will look at that photo and grab leashes to give him a walk yourself.

Move it or else! walking hints
Move it or else!

8 thoughts on “Walking Hints”

  1. LOL-where’s the leash Typhoon? I’ll come walk you!!! I just know Hu-Dad got the message though. You are such a DRAMA dog! Were your brothers and sister’s acting up too? Have fun this weekend pestering poor Hu-Dad!

  2. Oh Typhoon, I hope you get lots of walks and attention now that the weekend is here!! You sure do know how to get the point across to Hu-Dad.

  3. That is a look of determination if I’ve ever seen one… Sabo the German Shepherd Attorney at Paw, being a bit advanced in years used the same look on his human servant, however since it was -20 w wind chill he was none the less over ruled. He is currently filing an Appeal with the Court of Special Appeals and is looking forward to the award of goodies he will get.

  4. Training humans is a hard job,Typhoon! Some might even say impossible! But you just keep persisting and you’ll have yourself a fine human specimen before you know it!

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