Hunting Disturbance

The Little Prince takes his search for prey quite seriously, so he was very disturbed when the photographer created a hunting disturbance.

Scanning the yard for prey.
Scanning the yard for prey.

Hu-Dad and Typhoon have a never ending battle about Typhoon’s hunting prowess. Hu-Dad makes every effort to chase rabbits and other potential victims from the yard before the Little Prince can enter the yard.

Why are you watching me? hunting disturbance
Why are you watching me?

And once His Haughtiness knows he is being watched, he decides to stalk off to another corner of the yard to get away from prying eyes.

Must be somewhere the camera can't follow.
Must be somewhere the camera can’t follow.

As yesterday’s storm picked back up in strength, Typhoon seemed to have some success, though he never produced any prizes.

Something smells good under here.
Something smells good under here.

5 thoughts on “Hunting Disturbance”

  1. Typhoon-don’t you know Hu-Dad is going to TRY to prevent you from “hunting”? BUT I do know you will continue your sniffing out those prizes!! Our big boy Bradley is just like you-always on the search!

  2. Typhoon, now it is easier to catch a prize in the snow, you have tracks to follow. I know you were the top of your class in small animal tracking.

  3. Very Beautiful pictures of the Little Prince!!
    You should consider making a book of ALL PICTURES of the Herd and their adventures…and the amuzing captions that you add to paint the complete picture!!! Sibes are such beautiful and wonderful
    creations,and you have taken so many Great pictures of your herd…even the camera shy ones!!!
    Thank you!!! 🐺 😊

  4. I’d read a long time ago about huskies being the closest relative to the wolf of all dog breeds. Don’t know if it’s true, but Typhoon reminded me of that article.
    (Terry’s comment made me think of a cartoon book about the Herd for kids, big and small.)

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