December 28, 2018

Fire Marshal Cheesewhiz


Our own Fire Marshal here at Chez Herd had to chastise the Hu-Dad yesterday about a major flaw with our fireplace – a lack of a fire.

Fire Marshal Cheesewhiz on the job
Fire Marshal Cheesewhiz on the job

Our temperatures yesterday stayed above freezing, so the Hu-Dad decided to skip building a fire for the day. That decision received a loud and persistent complaint from Cheoah who adamantly claimed violation of her rights. Her approach was so “dogmatic” that the Hu-Dad had no choice but to comply with her demands.

My rump is finally getting toasty.
My rump is finally getting toasty.

About an hour later, Hu-Dad wandered through the den and checked if his favorite redhead was now happy. We think this picture sums it up.

Don't wake a sleeping Cheesewhiz.
Don’t wake a sleeping Cheesewhiz.

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  1. Hu-Dad-you are a VERY good Daddy to Cheoah AKA Cheewhiz. She has you wrapped her “paws”! Of course-seeing her sleeping so sweetly in front of the fire is worth any work to get the fire going. GOOD job-Hu_dad!


  2. ADORABLE! She looks so content ????,”happiness is!”
    In that last picture Cheoah looks like a little polar bear!!
    Beautiful stone fireplace…those pictures would be great Christmas cards!!


  3. The only thought that comes to mind is Sleeping Beauty. You can’t beat having a winter palace when you are a redhead, so Ruby tells me.


  4. We have 2 resident Redheads. You give in to their demands quickly….unless you want the “serenade” to begin. Our Shepherd joins in with barks, which makes the Redheads’ song even louder. Yep. I’d build Cheoah a fire also. One question…where’s her soft bed?


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