One Week-iversary

Roscoe celebrated his one week-iversary of his gotcha day yesterday and Hu-Dad asked him if he was glad to be a part of The Herd.

The smile says it all.
The smile says it all.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that a week has already passed since Roscoe landed with The Herd. He has enjoyed days at Chez Herd as well as days traveling in the S-RV. So far, he’s giving the experience a paws up!

And cool siblings like the red-headed boss lady.
And cool siblings like the red-headed boss lady.

Roscoe gets along well with everyone, but Hu-Dad has been most amused at the budding friendship of an unlikely couple.

Roscoe and Typhoon sharing smiles in the campsite.
Roscoe and Typhoon sharing smiles in the campsite.

7 thoughts on “One Week-iversary”

  1. I am SO happy Roscoe has fit in with the Chez Herd so well and is a VERY happy smiley boy! His sister Cheoah AKA Cheezewiz and Typhoon Phooey who seems like they are bonded brothers already!! I bet you have very sweet dreams each night Roscoe and think of what a lucky boy you are to have chosen to be a member of this Sibe Tribe!!

  2. Roscoe sure looks happy! For all the Prince’s haughtiness, he sure does seem to make new members welcome. I think there’s one sweet, big heart under all that royalty…

  3. Roscoe and Typhoon are pretty cute together. I’ve only rescued and the appreciation and love they give you is unbeatable. You really can see that in Roscoe’s expression and he’s got that ‘what are we doin’ next’ look. So sweet!

  4. Hu-dad I have a question … didn’t you adopt Landon w the idea he would be Typhoon’s friend? But Landon bonded to Frankie so what do you think the difference in personality that has drawn in The Little Prince? Roscoe is beautiful with the perfect husky smile… he knows. He’s in the best place. Thank you for openng your home

    • Just some guesswork here, but…

      Landon is called Boom Boom for a reason – he bounces everywhere. That bounciness seems to annoy Typhoon (which is amusing because we have always joked Typhoon is part Kangaroo). They hang out together in the study, but don’t go out of there way to hang out anywhere else.

      Roscoe is more even-keeled (though he has explosive moments of puppy brain – don’t worry). Perhaps that less bounciness works for Ty.

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