Unruly Subjects

As a Herd of Siberian Huskies, we can be unruly subjects for one of Hu-Dad’s modeling sessions when he is trying to get a photo for the website.

All walk in the same direction, right?
All walk in the same direction, right?

As Hu-Dad says, sometimes it takes a few hundred (or more) photographs to capture the one you really want, especially with your photography subjects have their own furry little minds. He asked us yesterday to form a straight line on the beach so he could get a group walking shot. Typhoon was warned not to walk backwards, so…

Boom Boom, what are you doing?
Boom Boom, what are you doing?

After dozens of camera clicks, Hu-Dad decided this last one is as good as it’s going to get. Enjoy.

Not perfect, but we'll take it.
Not perfect, but we’ll take it.

10 thoughts on “Unruly Subjects”

  1. Now come on you Sibe herd-Hu-Dad NEEDS great photos for your adoring public(me and many others) to enjoy!) The last one is doable and LOVE seeing the fluffy tails walking along!

  2. I like the one with Landon walking backwards myself…it adds mystery, intrigue. Why is HE doing that etc.😀 Any photo of the Herd, is a good photo!

  3. The big challenge is telling all the B&Ws apart. Boom Boom’s tail fluff is helpful there, the tufts all over Typhoon help, Frankie’s suaveness (and his ‘stripes’), and the new guy, that ridiculous long tail.

    Of course the sole red girl is the real standout! I think she likes being special!

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