November 5, 2018

Sibe Quentin Yard Inspection


After a week of S-RV traveling, we returned home and immediately went to work conducting a thorough yard inspection of Sibe Quentin.

Yard inspection checking every blade of grass.
Yard inspection checking every blade of grass.

An entire week without us chasing rabbits and other intruders from the yard – a lot of things can happen in that period of time. The second we were home yesterday, we hit the yard looking for issues that needed addressing.

A lot of leaves down in our yard, Hu-Dad.
A lot of leaves down in our yard, Hu-Dad.

Our Tree of Life, the giant maple that gives us such great shade, has dropped a lot of its leaves as have most of the trees along the perimeter of the field. We even think we smell the scent of some light snow while we were gone. Vacations are great, but so much work to be tackled when we return.

Why is this branch blocking my path, Hu-Dad?
Why is this branch blocking my path, Hu-Dad?

Movie Memory Monday

This week’s Movie Memory Monday features our gorgeous Miss Kiska as she was receiving some special treatment – a Kiska Spa Day. We loved revisiting our special girl and seeing her in one of her favorite activities – looking good for the camera.

Kiska Spa Day
Click the image to see this week’s video.

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  1. Oh dear-the WORK that must be done for inspection for Sibe Quentin!! Hu-Dad-let’s get moving with picking up those leaves and moving the branches in the way-lol!!


      1. Now you know how to punish him then 😛 Leena hates my brushing….until the minute I start, then she’s a melted pile of siberian on the floor until she’s tired of it.


  2. It’s nice to travel…but even nicer to be home ????
    I loved watching Miss Kiska enjoy her spa day…she was a Regal girl!!
    My Rory has the luxurious fur,too…but she thinks all brushes/Combs/blowers are EVIL too!!! ☠☠☠…VERY CHALLENGING ( but soooo beautiful when freshly groomed!!! )


    1. We all miss our beautiful girl. She was our choir mistress and our security chief even though she was losing her voice toward the end. Chez Herd is certainly quieter without her.


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