Camping Cheat Exposed!

We rough, tough sled dogs do enjoy the challenges of living with nature, though someone has exposed a camping cheat among us.

The rough, tough sled dog being one with nature.
The rough, tough sled dog being one with nature.

Seeing us brave the elements during our S-RV excursions may not be for the faint of heart, but we believe working dogs like us should be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws our way. For example, you would not believe the ferocious winds that are buffeting Landon in the photo above.

The behind the scenes expose reveals a camping cheat!
The behind the scenes view reveals a camping cheat!

Landon would like to point out that temperatures soared into the mid-70’s. The bigger problem for him is what lurked just off camera.

Share the fan or else, bro.
Share the fan or else, bro.

6 thoughts on “Camping Cheat Exposed!”

  1. Landon and Cheoah are saying-“Hey-where’s the A/C-lol?” A fan though is always welcome and Landon-you have to learn to share!!!

  2. Great pictures!!!
    Sibes LOVE the WIND +COLD!!! 70’s …Way too warm after it’s been down into the 20’s(overnight) already⛄⛄⛄

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