Camping Faces Of The Herd

After yet another walk yesterday (and we walk a lot on trips), Hu-Dad trained his camera on us to capture some camping faces.

Frankie Suave
Frankie Suave

Hanging out in the campsite and watching other campers might be our favorite part of a trip. Well, except for maybe all of the walks and exploring new places and…Oh, never mind.

Little Prince Typhoon Phooey.
Little Prince Typhoon Phooey

Hu-Dad took advantage of a lower energy moment post-walk to show how well we can be behaved when we want to be. Not that we always want to be.

Ready for another walk?
Landon ready for another walk

The one thing you can see in these photos is how quickly some of us are ready for the next adventure and how some of us are quite content to snooze a little in the afternoon sun.

Cheoah (aka, Cheesewhiz) opts for the extra nap.
Cheoah (aka, Cheesewhiz) opts for the extra nap.


5 thoughts on “Camping Faces Of The Herd”

  1. Gotta love those faces and Hu-Dad-you did an awesome job capturing the poses. Frankie Suave-Typhoon Phooey-Landon-and of course Cheoah taking her nap in the sunshine!!

    • Our Hu-Dad bounces between two Canon cameras – a 5D Mark III and a 70D. These particular photos were taken with the 70D and a 70-200mm EF IS II USM lens. Sometimes, he also just uses his iPhone.

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