October 9, 2018

Bungling Burglar Boom Boom


Criminal masterminds plan the most elaborate schemes. Unfortunately, the bungling burglar Boom Boom failed miserably (and loudly) yesterday.

Hi, Hu-Dad. Remember - I am cute.
Hi, Hu-Dad. Remember – I am cute.

Hu-Dad was working away in his study when he heard cries for help. Some pup needed assistance – and RIGHT NOW. Hu-Dad leapt from his desk, raced to the porch, and counted noses. Three. Frankie. Cheoah. Typhoon. No Landon.

The cries for help pierced the air.

Hu-Dad raced through the house to the senior deck. The gate between the two sections of yard is wide open, allowing free passage. But when Hu-Dad reached the senior deck, the count was easy. No Landon.

A howl of despair hit the air.

Hu-Dad raced back through the house and spotted movement on the patio. The patio in the center of the dog yard. The patio surrounded by a fence to keep canines out. And, yet, there sat Boom Boom, howling his discontent.

Bet you are wondering how I got onto the human deck, huh?
Bet you are wondering how I got onto the human deck, huh?

Landon is rescued and returned to his brothers and sister. But how did he get through the fence? How did he escape INTO the center of the yard. Hu-Dad walked the perimeter and found…a hole dug underneath the porch.

Yes, a certain dog decided to dig under the porch (which, by the way, is covered in poultry wire to prevent exactly this sort of mischief), crawled underneath the porch, and then exited onto the human patio. It was the Great Escape…to absolutely nowhere. And once Landon emerged onto the human patio, he discovered he was separated from his brothers and sister and wanted back. So he howled. And howled. And howled.

For the record, Cheoah, Frankie and Landon sprawled on the deck with the most innocent of expressions, denying all knowledge of their little brother’s hi-jinx – just like siblings everywhere.

People ask us all of the time why we have an eight foot fence, with a foot of fencing buried deep into the ground, with dig guard buried around the perimeter, and with chains and padlocks on gates. Our answer – the determination to escape INTO the center of the fence.

The temporary blocking of the tunnel under the porch until Hu-Dad can fashion a more permanent solution.
The temporary blocking of the tunnel under the porch until Hu-Dad can fashion a more permanent solution.

P.S. – For anyone who ever asks the Hu-Dad if a Siberian Husky makes a good pet, he points to stories like these. We are masters of mischief.

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  1. SO true-when a SIBE WANTS to escape-they WILL find a way!!! I am awed by all the things you do Hu-Dad to keep the herd safe and YET-one finds a way!!! So glad though that Boom-Boom ONLY escaped to a safe(albeit no dog)place-lol!!!


  2. That’s HILARIOUS!!!
    He looks “stunned” in the mug shots!!!
    So funny,too, about the siblings all minding their own!!!


  3. I’m sure he-dad was very worried…but this made me laugh! Dogs can be so dramatic!

    “Helllpppp Mmmeeee!!!!” I’m in mortal peril! Save mmmmeeeee!”

    Dog is sitting safe, unharmed, just separated from where he wants to be! ROFL


  4. Although it meant Juno’s done a ‘naughty,’ I always thought the ears pinned back look of guilt was so cute and funny. It’s a dead giveaway.


  5. Ahhh! Yes, never a dull moment with huskies!! LOL. It is hard to be mad and laughing at the same time. Glad Landon is safe and sound.


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