October 3, 2018

Strange Dog For An Innocent Face


When the Hu-Dad thinks of Typhoon, many adjectives come to mind. We can honestly say that an innocent face never enters his thoughts.

How can this dog possibly cause trouble?
How can this dog possibly cause trouble?

Queen Natasha the Evil knew she liked Little Prince Typhoon Phooey from the minute she saw him. She took him under her wing. Taught him all she knew. And helped shape a stubborn, willful, mischievous creature in her own likeness.

Such an innocent face.
Such an innocent face.

So how does one reconcile the innocence of this napping creature with a dog who refuses to behave, who counter-surfs at will, who stirs up trouble at every turn, and who generally behaves like a cat in a dog suit? Hu-Dad says you don’t reconcile it. You just accept it, kiss his snooter, and watch him recoil in disgust at the fact that a mere human touched him.

Sucha  kissable snooter.
Sucha kissable snooter.

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  1. Hu-Dad-bless you for loving this VERY mischievous boy. I could not resist kissing that innocent snooter either! Typhoon Phooey-you are one very lucky boy to have found your way into the Thundering Herd!


  2. Ahahahahaha… love this one. They all look ???? innocent but not true of any Sibe! BOOP on the nose! ????????????????????


  3. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Oh, my. It almost sounds as though, at last, Typhoon is in the process of turning into a “Summer Breeze”!


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