October 2, 2018

Full Day Home Of Herd Antics


Our first full day home after a week of S-RV excursion is a time of celebration and mayhem. It even ended in a walk to “burn excess energy.”

The celebrations continued throughout our first full day home.
The celebrations continued throughout our first full day home.

We love traveling in our S-RV and meeting new people, but not quite as much as we love being at home in our own yard. The celebrations continued yesterday as we raced around the yard like crazy dogs. And, at one point, we tried to climb on Hu-Dad’s desk to get a better view of the wild turkeys that walked past his study. Apparently, that interfered somehow with Hu-Dad’s busyness.

Cheoah's patrol inside the fence revealed no more turkeys.
Cheoah’s patrol inside the fence revealed no more turkeys.

After dinner, Hu-Dad took us on a nice long walk. Something about burning excess energy and needing a little peace and quiet. Pshaw.

A walk is awesome!
A walk is awesome!

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  1. I am so happy you all were glad to be back home in your yard to run and patrol! Yep-it would be awesome to see some pictures of the wild turkeys! I’m also glad the walk helped get rid of the excess energy and maybe have a great nights sleep.


  2. Overheard in the yard: Landon to The Little Prince– ”What did he say? Peace and quiet? Us hindering his busyness?”

    Little Prince– ”Naw Boom Boom, you musta heard wrong! We would never do that!!”

    Yeah Right!! muttered Hu-Dad hooking leashes to certain collars.


  3. I want to see photos of the dogs trying to climb on Hu-dad’s desk. How did Hu-dad fend that off? I’m glad everyone is happy to be home. Thanks for giving me my morning smile


  4. Every evening the young collies get the zoomies after dinner. So I have to keep them calm, because it’s better for them if they don’t play for 2 hours after they eat.

    With the Crazy zoomies happening every night, ysuallyjnstigated by the youngest Collie, Winter, we have a good idea of what was happening at your house!


  5. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to figure out what a great look-out “shelf” the big desk in the window is!!! Great view from up there!!!WooWooo!!


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