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Frankie Suave: Alpha Male

Frankie Suave realized that he has hit a rarefied status – Alpha Male of The Thundering Herd. But what honors come with that distinction?

I am Frankie Suave - Alpha Male
I am Frankie Suave – Alpha Male

Yes, Frankie is now the oldest male at Chez Herd, though he recognizes that both of his sisters are older than he is. But, importantly, as Alpha Male, he gets to make any decisions that either of the two older females allow him to make. Which are quite few. Because, well, The Herd has always had a female as its leader. And because, well, its just easier that way.

Still, I am in charge of everything that they let me be in charge of.
Still, I am in charge of everything they let me be in charge of.

And what, exactly, is Frankie in charge of? His two little brothers, His Haughtiness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey and Landon Boom Boom. Which is basically what he was already in charge of. Don’t worry, though, at least his little brothers give him lots of respect now as Alpha Male.


Movie Memory Monday

Speaking of the guys thinking they are in charge of something, no matter how small, Boom Boom was once in charge of song time. No, really, we caught it on film. And we share it here as this week’s Movie Memory Monday – the Boom Boom Choir.

Click the image to see this week's Movie Memory Monday.
Click the image to see this week’s Movie Memory Monday.

9 thoughts on “Frankie Suave: Alpha Male”

  1. Frankie you do make a handsome leader! With Boom Boom as your Jester, you 2 will reign supreme! Now, we just have to get the girl’s permission to be Alpha…πŸ˜‰

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