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Boom Boom Blueberry Bandit

A blueberry bandit struck Chez Herd yesterday morning. Unfortunately for the culprit, crumbs in the whiskers and blueberry breath gave him away.

I wish to speak to my attorney at claw.
I wish to speak to my attorney at claw.

During Landon’s time in rescue prior to arriving at Chez Herd, he spent some time in prison. Really, a prison. One of those programs where the inmates work with dogs for a period of time teaching them skills. As a result of that training time, Landon has a very pretty sit and down. He resorts to both when he wants something regardless of whether the human has asked for such behavior.

Hu-Dad claims Landon learned other skills from his inmate. He has the innate ability to pick any lock. He can open his crate door and wander around the house. And he can open the door from the yard into the house, quietly letting himself into the house at will.

Sunday morning, Landon quietly opened the door and waltzed into the kitchen on his way to Hu-Dad’s study where he likes to surprise the Hu-Dad with his presence. Unfortunately, he could not resist a blueberry loaf cake sitting on the counter. Hu-Dad was really looking forward to eating that cake, but only a very small amount remained when Hu-Dad came around the corner to discover Landon in the floor, cake in mouth, and crumbs and blueberries everywhere.

Framed! I was framed!
Framed! I was framed!

Bet you can smell the blueberries on his breath from there. Fortunately, blueberries are good for dogs, though Landon was on a sugar high for much of the day. Before sentencing, we should ask the convict if he has any last words.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

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Landon may have the right to remain silent, but he has never exercised that right. In this week’s Movie Memory Monday, Landon Shares A Word Or Two (Or Three Or Four):

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6 thoughts on “Boom Boom Blueberry Bandit”

  1. Uh-OH Landon-I CAN believe you ate the whole thing!!!!What sentence did Hu-Dad impose on you???? “Framed”-I DON’T think so!!! You had blueberries on your breath. You gave me a laugh to start off my day!.

  2. Yes Landon those blueberries are full of healthy antioxidants! That was good thinking to load up on them πŸ˜‚

  3. Sabo the German Shepherd, Attorney at Paw
    Appearing on behalf of Landon (a/k/a Boom Boom)

    Ladies and gentlemen and those of the Woo panel, I am here today to address the unsubstantiated and scurrilous accusations made against my Client Landon. First, allow us to examine the testimony of the previous witness Hu-dad. By his own testimony it is clear that Hu-dad did not see Landon take the cake. Now, in previous statements Hu-dad has stated that the skill known as counter surfing is a skill that is a well known known by all members of the husky breed. That being said, there are four other potential suspects to the so called theft of the blueberry loaf cake either individually Or in combination (after all while Lady Kiska may not be up to counter surfing she certainly could have another member of the tribe do her bidding and remove the cake from the counter). Now, Hu-dad has stared how smart my client is, up to and including the opening and closing of doors and crates. A dog this smart and he just lays in the floor eating .. awaiting being caught and the consequences to follow, does this sound like the same highly intelligent creature that Hu-dad describes? I think not.
    As we all have been told by Hu-dad, huskies have many amazing attributes, intelligence, physical dexterity and an amazing sense of smell. Members of the Woo panel, that very sense of smell was used to save Hu-dad. Members of the Sibe Tribe did indeed smell the loaf and , due to their love and concern for Hu-dad, we’re worried for his safety, due to possible airborne contamination, the loaf was removed from the counter (and as previously stated the individual(s) cannot actually be identifier and the identity is moot in the bigger picture of this selfless act)
    Upon the removal of the loaf from the counter to the floor, Landon, in an act of self sacrifice rarely witnessed in this day and time, threw himself on the loaf, disregarding the potential danger to himself, thinking only of Hu-dad and his love for him … ate the loaf af to save Hu-dad.
    Woo panel, Landon has been devisated by these accusations, he can barely Boom he is so upset!!!

    We ask that you rule in favor of Landon and award him two steaks, unlimited belly rubs and what other awards seem in line with making Landon whole again.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Sabo the German Shepherd
    Attorney at Paw

  4. We’ve always heard that you learn a lot of new skills in prison. Apparently Landon was a very good student. Fun post today! (Sorry about your cake.)

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