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Emergency Exit Maintenance

As a master basement builder, Cheoah knows that safety features such as an emergency exit are critical – especially when you have little brothers.

Basement excavation underway
Basement excavation underway

The basement excavation project is moving at good speed. If Hu-Dad would stop filling it in every fall, can you imagine how cool it would be?

Testing the emergency exit.
Testing the emergency exit.

Cheoah – our project forepup – has decided that a new feature needs to be added. For some odd reason, she has a hard time enforcing the “No Boys Allowed” rule. Sometimes the basement can become so crowded that a special exit is needed to get away from the rowdiness. Unfortunately, in the test above, nothing besides her head would fit – yet.

Do I hear Hu-Dad snickering?
Do I hear Hu-Dad snickering?

Hu-Dad may have muttered something about the hole needs to be bigger or the body needs to be less “fluffy.”

Oh, Hu-Dad, you are going to pay.
Oh, Hu-Dad, you are going to pay.

Movie Memory Monday

Queen Natasha the Evil and Little Prince Typhoon create the most unexpected odd couple of Chez Herd. And who do you think is the instigator?

Odd Couple
To see this week’s Movie Memory Monday, click the image above.

7 thoughts on “Emergency Exit Maintenance”

  1. She is just getting ready for the Summer’s heat. Unless it’s an escape hole next to the fence or in the path of the riding mower “Let It Be” as the Beatles would say!

  2. Fluffy is in Hu-Dad!
    Thanks for sharing the odd couple. Great to see the Queen in action. Ty’s face is priceless!

  3. Cheoah does enjoy her job. (Do you still put out a kiddie pool?) It doesn’t seem like two years since Natasha went on ahead. She still had that spunk in September. Always lovely to see the replays.

    • We haven’t put out the pool yet this year considering all of the rain we have had. Probably will when it gets hot.

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