April 16, 2018

Weather Fixer Needed For Chez Herd


After over two inches of rain fell on Chez Herd yesterday, we all yelled at the Hu-Dad that we needed a weather fixer to bring back our sunny days.

Look at all of that rain.
Look at all of that rain.

After a couple of days of sunny, spring weather, we were bombarded with a couple of inches (five centimeters) of rain yesterday. The rain was relentless and coupled with strong winds, bringing back a reminder of our winter weather. In fact, we should have some snow flurries over night before you read this post.

Now we love our wintry weather, but one look at Landon above and you know he is preparing for his summer coat.

Hu-Dad - we need a weather fixer.
Hu-Dad – we need a weather fixer.

Movie Memory Monday

Boom Boom was just waiting on the rain to slow down so he could race around yard just like his big brother Typhoon. Qannik, however, has always been known as Slow Mo Q as seen in this week’s Movie Memory Monday.

Click on image above to see this week’s Movie Memory Monday video post.

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