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Displeased Royalty – No Question About It

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A single photograph captures the moment perfectly – displeased royalty. And what exactly did the Hu-Dad say to earn such a look?

Why is the Little Prince showing the displeased royalty look?
Why is the Little Prince showing the displeased royalty look?

Like many of you, our clocks jumped forward an hour overnight as Daylight Savings Time kicked into gear. Officially, the change occurs at 2 a.m. when the clocks instantly jump forward to 3 a.m.

But this picture was taken several hours earlier around 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Typhoon believed that it was dinner time and requested the human immediately do his bidding. The human’s response was that Daylight Savings Time had not yet begun, so it was still 4 p.m. – not 5 p.m. and dinner time.

Take a look again at that face and ask yourself how well Hu-Dad’s answer went over.

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6 thoughts on “Displeased Royalty – No Question About It

  1. How dare hi-dad not accommodate the little prince. Speaking of little prince and food, how’s mr handsomest weight been doing?

    Koda: Hey Ty. if I could I would loan you some of mine quick so my hu-mom would stop saying “it’s not just fur that’s all that extra fluff”. I think she’s saying this winter I might have gained an ounce, I don’t see it or feel it soooo I think my mother is as crazy as your crazy hi-dad. Hang in there Ty, we will get the humans trained eventually.

    • The Little Prince appreciates the title of “Mr. Handsomest.” He expects to be called that from now on.

      He continues to do well with his weight. He is over and staying over 50 lbs. We are working to slowly wean him off some of the medications that make him hungry. Very, very slowly.

  2. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood be in fayvor of daylite sayvings time if it ment an erleeer dinner evry day do yoo think that kan be arrayndjd??? like maybe evry day we moov the kloks ahed an owr??? hay dada why ar yoo shushing me??? ok bye

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