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Little Prince Touch Me Not

Hu-Dad refers to Typhoon as Little Prince Touch Me Not. Today’s photographs show a perfect example of how he has earned that stand-offish reputation.

Brothers comfortable on the bed.
Brothers comfortable on the bed.

Hu-Dad likes to read for an hour or so before going to sleep every night (he rarely turns the TV on so is always quite clueless about whatever is the current hit show). When reading time approaches, Frankie races for the bedroom and claims the prime spot (and usually a pillow). Frankie stretches out, wraps his front paws around Hu-Dad’s arm, and drifts off to sleep. His personal version of a bed time story. Hu-Dad says Frankie makes a good reading partner, except for that snoring in his ear thing.

Typhoon typically also claims a spot on the bed – before Hu-Dad gets there.

Little Prince Touch Me Not
Little Prince Touch Me Not

Notice Typhoon’s eyes and you have the rest of the story. While Frankie loves Hu-Dad climbing into bed and promptly begins to snuggle, Typhoon considers touching to be totally forbidden. Unless, of course, he has demanded an ear scratch, but that is on his terms.

As soon as Hu-Dad climbs into bed, Typhoon grumbles, and scoots down to a chest at the foot of the bed. From that perch, he can give the best disgusted looks possible.

I can't believe the Hu-Dad actually touched royalty without permission.
I can’t believe the Hu-Dad actually touched royalty without permission.

Once he realizes that the bed will not be vacated – just like every other night, Typhoon will drop down to the wood floor, harumph in his best royal voice, and kerplunk himself to the floor. From that point forward, heavy sighing protesting the unfairness of it all can be heard.

And you wonder why we call him the Little Prince.


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