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Evil Invaders Threaten The Peace

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Evil invaders approached our fence and threatened the peace that reigned. A Little Prince watched and waited – prepared to spring into action.

Are you coming in my yard?
Are you coming in my yard?

The threat loomed large. They slinked and crawled and hopped their way closer and closer. Typhoon was so ready for the marauding creatures to slide through the crack in the gate into the yard.

Wait. Hopped?

Me? Evil?
Me? Evil?

Much to Typhoon’s disappointment, he did not get to “play” with our visitor. Just check out the look on his face when Mr. Rabbit went in the other direction.

I was just inviting him in for dinner.
I was just inviting him in for dinner.

Way Back Wednesday

While Typhoon is protecting us from invading rabbits, our big white fluffy dog has protected us from worse things. For example, there was this empty dog food bag that attacked. No, really, it was horrible. And the Q-Tip protected us all.

Click image to read this week’s Wayback Wednesday
Click image to read this week’s Wayback Wednesday

NOTE: As I note in the Way Back Wednesday post, an empty dog food bag can be quite dangerous to a dog. The bags are designed to minimize airflow to preserve food, but that restricted airflow can also cause harm to your pet. Please be careful with such things.

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4 thoughts on “Evil Invaders Threaten The Peace

  1. Our big boy Bradley is NOT a fan of bunnies and takes EVERY chance he can to catch one(YUCK). MOST of them manage to get back under the fence and get away! LOVE the look on Typhoon’s face when the rabbit got away!!!!

  2. We don’t see many bunnies at all down here in SW Florida, but we sure do see possums! Izzy has tried and tried to invite Paul the Opossum for dinner! Thus far he has declined….

    An empty food bag can be a whole lotta fun 😍

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